Farmhouse Furniture, Your Way

Custom furniture is the heartbeat of Countrywood Accents. It’s what makes us tick because it’s what makes you tick.

Our purpose is to provide top quality furniture made just for you, meet your standards of comfort, and deliver furniture that will last for generations.

We help you find the exact farmhouse piece you’ve been dreaming of. If you can imagine it, we can provide it.


Are you tired and fed up with the cheap stuff from the box stores? Do the chains stores upset you with their non-personal interaction and difficult-to-deal-with approach?

At Countrywood Accents it is very different. The opposite of being cheap, everything from the wood, to the workmanship, to the final finish coating is of superior quality. Our Amish and Mennonite builders pay attention to detail and build with precision. They take pride in making the best. This drive for quality is because we care about you. We are interested in what you want and value your preferences…highly. We are willing to take the time to help you get the quality you are looking for. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality, we aren’t satisfied either.


While the box stores and even other furniture providers are limited in options, we can provide whatever you want. You can either buy what we have in our showroom or you can start with what we have and customize it to exactly your tastes. If you want your name engraved in your piece we can do it, if you want a special and exotic wood we can provide it, or if you want some a unique design we are able. Our Amish and Mennonite builders hand craft to whatever you want.

With us you are not forced to pick what someone else decided was important or available. Rather the sky is the limit and the choice is yours: your wood, your stain and your style. We can make whatever you want. We customize Farmhouse Furniture your way!

Solid Wood

The good ol’ days may be gone but so what? That doesn’t mean we can’t experience the same thing again. While getting what Grandma had may be getting harder, it is not impossible. In fact, we are here help you reminisce and taste the glory of the past again in reclaimed barnwood furniture.

You aren’t bound to flaky box store products. Cheap products that don’t last aren’t the only option. We are here to help you get solid farmhouse furniture that lasts. In fact our furniture is so good that we expect you’ll hand it down to your children and grandchildren. We not only give you a solid piece of goodness for your house, but we also add value to your home that will last for generations to come. Why pay for cheap stuff over and over if you can buy solid wood furniture once?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Product Quality.  We stand behind all of our furniture. If we damage it in the process of delivery, we fix it. If the builders mess up, we replace it. If there is even the slightest defect you are entitled to a replacement. You get what we promise from the beginning.

100% Satisfaction.  If for any reason you are not happy with your product you can return it to our store. We want you to be completely satisfied and if you are not you are welcome to return your product and get what you want.

Warranty.  We stand behind each of our products with a warranty. Our solid wood products are made to last and if for any reason they do not our warranty will cover it. (NOTE: not all our products have the same warranty length. Please contact the showroom for details.)

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What People are Saying

“I Loved This Store”

“Stopped by today and I loved this store. We bought some of the soaps and a candle. Lots of neat things.”

Betty Davenport

“What a Peaceful Feeling”

“What a peaceful feeling when walk in and the merchandise is like no other. Thanks for the coffee and cinnamon roll they were Great!!”

Tammy Sircy

“An Experience”

“Countrywood Accents is more than a high quality furniture and home furnishings store. Going to Countrywood Accents is an EXPERIENCE!”

Tabitha Lovell

“Very Helpful”

“What a beautiful store. The workmanship of this furniture is like no other. My first trip in to visit yesterday. I will be back!!!”

Charlotte Day

Repurposed with Style & Prestigue

Imagine 100 years in life of a massive tree in the forest. It is logged and cut and faithfully serves its owner as a beam in his barn for 200 years. Then the barn is torn down and repurposed and the beam is harvested for top quality dining and bedroom furniture to last for centuries! All this history and numerous untold stories are part of this original tree. This meaningful journey could last for up to 1000 years. Most trees could never dare to dream of such significance and pretigue. But our rustic reclaimed barnwood furniture, or in other words, our farmhouse collections are the rare jewels of a few lucky trees that have lasted and will last not only years, but generations. It is style in it finest, that will never go out of style.

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