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We Care About

Getting You Exactly What You Want!

Whether it is a special wood, a special color, a special style or even a special touch unique to you, we can get you exactly what you want. While the box stores have limited options we have no end of possibilities. We are here not necessarily to help you on your journey, but to bring you to exactly what you have been looking for. Countrywood Accents is your last stop. You wont beat what we have to offer.

19 Years of Experience

After 17 years experience in construction, namely, specializing in building quality, high end, custom homes from start to finish, our family was chosen by our church to move to Belize. We sold our construction business and our 400 acre farm/ranch with our “dream home” built just for us. We will never forget that time.

After our time in Belize and we moved back to the states was when the dream for Countrywood Accents was born. It was a dream of a family business that provides high quality, solid wood furniture that would stand the test of time and add value to home by lasting for generations to come. After sensing God’s approval in this, we took the first step in 2016.

So with 17 years experience in custom homes and now 2 years in custom furniture, Countrywood Accents has a richness that you will not find anywhere else around. You will discover many expressive styles and species of wood and as many stain options as you could wish for. Our goal is to help you get what you didn’t even dare hope for.


Our Customers Speak

“Highly Recommended”

“Very helpful and if they don’t have what you want and can order it, they do and have for me. Will keep going back!!! Highly recommend.”

Peggy Gugliotti

“Very Helpful”

“every one here was very helpful and made my shopping experience very pleasant”

Cory Rice

“An Experience”

“Countrywood Accents is more than a high quality furniture and home furnishings store. Going to Countrywood Accents is an EXPERIENCE!”

Tabitha Lovell

“Like No Other”

“What a beautiful store. The workmanship of this furniture is like no other. My first trip in to visit yesterday. I will be back!!!”

Charlotte Day

Why Us

We Customize

Countrywood Accents goes way beyond a few simple options. With us you get your choice of wood, your choice of stain, and your choice of style. We have a plethora of options. For example we offer 100s of fabric options for our sofas, unique wood options and endless other customizations.

With us you are not forced to pick what someone else decided was important or available. Rather the sky is the limit and the choice is yours: your wood, your stain and your style. Our Amish and Mennonite craftsmen can make whatever you want. We customize your furniture your way!

We Offer the Best

Our goal is not to just give you another furniture option. Rather we want you to get the best possible furniture that you can. That means you can get furniture that can last not only your lifetime but for generations to come. When your furniture is built it is built of high quality solid wood. We do not settle for the flaky and cheap stuff you can get at the box stores.

When you purchase your furniture from us we are agreeing to have you completely satisfied. Not only do we want you to have the best furniture around but also the best furniture for you. That means you get the best custom furniture that you can get.

We Take Time

Our showroom is set up for you to take all the time you need to get what you want. You can come here for ideas, to brainstorm, and see what is possible. We are more than happy to to walk you through the whole process. Even if you need a lot of help thinking through what exactly you have been wishing for years for, we are here to help.

We even offer coffee and donuts on the weekend. Come and make yourself at home and let your mind dream of a furniture set like no other.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Product Quality.  We stand behind all of our furniture. If we damage it in the process of delivery, we fix it. If the builders mess up, we replace it. If there is even the slightest defect you are entitled to a replacement. You get what we promise from the beginning.

100% Satisfaction.  If for any reason you are not happy with your product you can return it to our store. We want you to be completely satisfied and if you are not you are welcome to return your product and get what you want.

Warranty.  We stand behind each of our products with a warranty. Our solid wood products are made to last and if for any reason they do not our warranty will cover it. (NOTE: not all our products have the same warranty length. Please contact the showroom for details.)

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